The Anti-Fashion

Dear God, I knew it would happen. When leggings started popping up on campus last spring, I could feel that something wasn't right. Sure, they look cute now under those denim miniskirts, but what if this is just the calm before the storm? I could just feel a fashion disaster looming in the air. And how right I was.
I want to bleach my eyeballs. Today, I saw 3 girls wearing leggings as pants. That's right; leggings without the additional coverage of a skirt, dress, or tunic length top. Even on skinny girls with no body fat, leggings are just not kosher by themselves. And on girls like me, who come with built-in padding around the hips and butt, it is even worse. Please, if you are going to do the trend, do it right. There are so many cute things you can wear with leggings, why not invest in them?
-The Quartermaster


  • It's good to see you posting again. FYI there is a local blogger meet-up at the Dog and Duck in Mt. P on Tues Dec 5th around 6pm.

    Just spreading the word.

    By Blogger Heather, at 4:24 PM  

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