I heart Israel

Maybe it's just because I love underdogs, but I really do love Israel. Yes, their attack on Lebanon is borderline extreme. Yes, civilians are being killed. But let's get some context, folks. Israel has essentially been under constant threat of attack since Great Britain pulled out in the 1940's, and practically every country in the Middle East decided to attack at once. They've been dealing with Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists for years, groups who have no compunction about murdering civilians. These groups had been firing rockets into Israel, deliberately targeting Israeli civilians. Not to mention the fact that they fire their rockets from civilian locations, so when Israel targets the rockets, they end up hitting civilians. Terrorist groups use their fellow men as human shields and publicity stunts.
So, France and the rest of the UN need to stop whining about an unconditional cease-fire. They may not like Israel's tactics, but if they had stepped in to help, Israel wouldn't have been pushed into attacking Lebanon. The Lebanese government has been letting Hezbollah, with their funding from Iran, run Southern Lebanon with no interference. Israel's strategy isn't that radical; make the people realize that harboring terrorists is a bad, bad idea. I wish people would get that the conflict isn't as simple as the Washington Post and other MSM sources make it out to be with their constant undertones of "Israel is being a big bully just because of some stupid little rockets." Israel is essentially surrounded by countries that would like to see its people all murdered, and the government is doing what it must to ensure the safety of its people.
-The Quartermaster


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