North Korea

Now North Korea is testing missiles. Seven of them, to be exact. According to the Washington Post, five of the six smaller missile tests "appeared to go smoothly", while the long-range one (the only one that really endangers the US) failed after only 35 seconds. Somehow, I am less than reassured. I am less worried about the actual results of the tests than I am about the fact that they are testing them at all. Because what we really need is a crazy dictator with nukes. President Bush's reaction was rather restrained, for all that Democrats like to paint him as a gun-slinging cowboy (I might add here that it was a former Clinton aide who suggested that we do some preemptive bombing).
He said, "It's my view that the best way to solve this problem diplomatically is for there to be more than one nation speaking to North Korea, more than America voicing our opinions."

In other words, would Europe and the rest of the world stop acting like a bunch of pansies and grow a pair? Don't expect America to keep doing everything for you! Really, the biggest problem that the world faces, in terms of dealing with countries like North Korea, is that everyone turns to the UN for help. The UN has no real power and too many competing interests, so nothing of substance ever gets done. I still think that fact that every country gets the same say is ridiculous. Why should US money, paying 22% of the UN budget, be used to give legitimacy to crackpot dictators who rule by murdering everyone who disagrees with them? Peacekeeping forces, when used, have been either totally ineffective, or served to make problems worse. Finally, when things get bad enough, the US steps in to actually get shit done (being an action person myself, I appreciate this attitude far more than "let's have more sanctions"). Then, the rest of the world (read: France and Germany) starts slamming the US for its arrogance and imperialism. As far as I can tell, the UN has yet to solve any world problems. It has yet to prevent people from killing each other. And don't even get me started on the sex abuse scandal (for the record, it's interesting how little press this got compared to, say, the Catholic priest sex abuse scandals. For that matter, a larger percentage of teachers than priests have been accused and/or found guilty of molestation and statuatory rape, but no one likes to talk about that). Basically, the UN serves very little purpose, except to involve the US in treaties that will eventually be used by small minorities of radicals and their friends in the federal judiciary to overturn the will of the people. Needless to say, I'm not sure I trust the UN to solve our North Korea problem. On the funny side, this whole thing makes me think of Team America, which is a hilarious movie.
-The Quartermaster


  • you are forgetting when u speak of a clinton aide that presidents of both partys hire aides and advisors of different political beliefs then themselves, see david gergen, who worked for both nixon and clinton. - tolken liberal on fnc

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