MTV is the nadir of western civ

I hate many things, with a venomous passion that often makes normal people uncomfortable around me. But a special place in my pantheon of evil is reserved for the commercial behemoth of corporate, market-tested, sugar-coated calculating shock jock crap that MTV represents.

What brought on this recent bout of hate, you might ask. An article in the Washington Times on the 25th anniversary of MTV in which it recounted the many "achievements" of MTV over the years. While many of these were idiotic things like the Real World, TRL, and countless other bits of intellectual garbage, I couldn't help but think of the impact they have on what music is funded, promoted, and produced. MTV is a large force behind musical acts such as Yellowcard, the perpetually un-original John Mayer, the whining transvestites of My Chemical Romance, and of course MTV's own personal Frankenstein's monster, O-Town.

The one thing that all of these so-called artists have in common is their shocking lack of talent or original thought, and that none of them could exist without the money teat that MTV provides.

Of course, MTV couldn't stay in their own backyard. For years they've been creating IQ-killers for the unwashed masses, but their latest offering is still remarkable. Not content to let idiot-infested "The O.C." rule the airwaves, they actually made it worse. Laguna Beach is the perfect blend of different brands of crap, reality tv and 90210-esque crybaby nonsense. I am unable to actually watch it, as exposure to pop culture in that pure of a form would weaken my powers from your yellow sun, those who have watched it have described it to me as everything you don't want to want to see in modern television.

Ah, the many achievements of MTV. Crap music, crap tv, and here we are just waiting for the next pile of fecal matter to hit the atmospheric oscillator.

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