NOW is at it again

Yes, I fail at posting often. I'll chalk it up to the fact that, due to my internship, I spend 9 to 5 inmmersed in politics (and some paperwork), so by the time I get home, I just want to sit on the couch and read the latest issue of InStyle Magazine. Got a flat tire on the way to work today, and amazed my (all female) office by changing it myself.
So, today I bring you a round-up of all the latest liberal hijinks of the National Organization of (some) Women:
Here, they complain that it is unfair for the press to raise questions concerning the claims and credibility of the stripper who accused the boys of the Duke Lacrosse of raping her. Never mind the fact that her story has pretty much fallen apart; any objections to pushing the case forward, no matter how well-founded they are, are racist and sexist. According to NOW, the media are responsible for:
promoting racist and sexist stereotypes; dismissing the seriousness of rape while belittling survivors; and treating the case merely as entertainment.

Or maybe, after having had their fun casting aspersions on the characters of the lacrosse team, they are doing the same to the accuser. While I agree the premise that we shouldn't be dismissing her because of her profession, I also don't think that we should believe her without question simply because she is a black woman. They also object to:
the constant use of the word "stripper" to describe the woman (when she could have as easily been described as "student" or "mother")

While it's true that she is also a student and a mother, she was at the party in her capacity as a stripper. It makes since to use that term to describe her, for the same reason that when we discuss Hillary Clinton's latest posturing, we describe her as "Senator Clinton (D-NY)" rather than "Mrs. Clinton, mother of one".

In her weekly column, Kim Gandy whines about "sex-segregated" schools. I have news for you, dear Ms. Gandy: single sex education works. That's why people are proposing it. And you know where it works best? Inner city schools. Why would any well meaning feminist want to deprive young women of a chance to focus on academic pursuits in a friendly, sexual pressure-free environment? Because to say that women and men have different learning styles and optimum learning timelines would be heretical and destructive to the notion that men and women are exactly the same.

Finally, proving why international treaties are a terrible idea, we have the NOW Foundation issuing a shadow report to the UN claiming widespread sex-based employment discrimination. Basically, it digs up every favorite feminist gripe of the past 30 years, and submits it to the UN Human Rights Committee, saying that the US is violating the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. These issues include women in the military, the gender wage gap, low minimum wage, lack of tax-payer subsidized childcare, etc. Basically, this is the reason that we can't ratify the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women; the radical feminists would use it to push through a radical agenda that most Americans don't agree with, in order to remake our country in the image of Europe.

So, once again, my thanks to NOW for always giving me something to blog about.
-The Quartermaster


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