The Mommy State

Once again, proof that Canada sucks. This article outlines the possibility of cars which have a GPS system which will not allow drivers to surpass the posted speed limits of the road you are traveling on, currently being tested in Canada.
As in a conventional GPS-equipped car or truck, the system knows which road you're on, as well as the direction you're traveling. This information is continuously updating as you move. But in addition to this, the system also acquires information about the posted speed limit on each road, as you drive. Once your vehicle reaches that limit, the car's computer makes it increasingly difficult to go any faster.
Ten vehicles equipped with this technology are currently being tested in the Ottowa area; if the trail is "successful," a wider series of tests is planned. And it's a sure bet the entire thing will eventually be the object of a very strong-armed push aimed at making it mandatory equipment in every new car.
That's exactly what we need; cars which uphold the bureaucratic idiocy forced on us by the mommy-types of our government, who feel the need to protect us from an extra 10 or 15 MPH. I would bet, though, that the low speed limits which seem so pervasive despite their impracticality are not so much for our safety as for the ticket money which can be collected by the state becaused everyone (except for a few old people and some mothers) exceeds the speed limits. 'But QM', you might object, 'the state really does have our best interests at heart!' Take a quick look at the state of Social Security and you will very quickly be disillusioned with the idea that the government is really just looking out for us.
That's all for tonight, and possibly for a few days. I'm sitting in my empty dorm room now, with nothing but a computer and a bed and a roommate patiently waiting for me to go to sleep already so we can turn off the light. Tomorrow, I'm outta here.
-The Quartermaster


  • Next, they'll make it impossible to turn off the telescreen...

    By Blogger The Anti-Hippie, at 9:05 AM  

  • ok, so your car obeys the laws but who said the driver couldnt be stupid? so some huge truck is going the speed limit and is in the lane next to you, a little behind your car. the driver is tired or drunk and turns into your lane, how do you avoid the lethal accident if you can speed up? doesnt matter folks because you were being a law abiding citizen.

    By Blogger Ellen K, at 8:24 PM  

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