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I really miss my internet connection at school. Oh well.
I will go ahead and admit that while the feminist in me is supposed to be suspicious of the motivation of men who give up their seats for women, I always enjoy little displays of chivalry. I've heard all the arguments for why opening doors or giving up seats for women is just an offshoot of the patriarchal attitudes which suppress women, and none of them really ring true for me (for an example of what could really be termed "the patriarchy", see the article below, and note that the woman was jailed). I would also argue that even today, in our world of equality, men should give their seat on the Metro or train or whatever to a woman, and not just because he respects her. He should give it up because men's shoes are a hundred times more comfortable than women's. Seriously, look at the shoes deemed both work appropriate and stylish for men versus those for women. This observation especially holds in an office environment, where men get to wear relatively comfortable shoes, but women's shoes come with a heel as a standard feature. Even if the heel isn't that bad, the shoe will inevitably rub strange spots on her foot and produce blisters. So, gentlemen, please offer the woman a seat. Her feet are probably killing her.


  • I agree with you on the idea of chivalry. It's more a nice thing to do, than it is anything to do with oppressing women. And it's true. We are the lucky wearers of, by and large, comfortable shoes.

    By Blogger The Anti-Hippie, at 11:15 PM  

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