US flag banned

So, in a brilliant and well thought out response to the school immigration law protests, school officials have banned the American flag, as well as flags from other countries.
Maybe it's the crazy flag-waving patriot in me, but I have a serious problem with the idea that the American Flag be banned from anywhere within the borders of our country.

"When it involves the American flag and its abuse in vilifying other people, we simply will not tolerate it," [Skyline High School Principal] Stumpf said. "They were using the symbol derisively as misguided patriotism."

Let's keep in mind that all the flag-waving of these high school and other protests began with the Mexican flag, and flags from other Central and South American countries, which were used in conjunction with signs promoting "Chicano Power" and "Reconquista". One of the messages that the mainstream media seems unwilling to show is the entire idea among many of these protesters that staying in America is not a matter of wanting a little part of the American dream, which would include becoming citizens and paying taxes, but rather the idea that it is their right to be here, use whatever resources they want, then either return to their country of origin, or stay here and continue to live illegally, with no intention of ever assimilating into American culture.

I have no problem with immigration. America was built on immigrants looking for a dream, and working to build a new life in what they say as a country of opportunity (there I go being all patriotic and idealistic again). In many cases, they were fleeing opression in their country of origin, and were therefore quick to embrace American ideals of liberty and equality.
Many people of the older generations still clung to their language and culture, but younger generations would usually learn the language better than their parents had, and consider themselves Americans. That's what makes us the melting pot. Also, much of the discrimination that they faced was that they simply wanted to become American citizens, and be considered Americans, and that "native" Americans continued to treat them like outsiders.

Based on the protests, I'd say they have the opposite problem: they want to be Nicaraguans first, or Mexicans first, or [insert nationality here] first, but we want them to just start being Americans. If you want a part in the opportunities of our country, of the services we provide, then you need to just be an American first. I have a serious problem with people of any nationality who are just here for a temporary job, or just here for a while for college, or just here for whatever reason, but constantly criticize our culture, our ideals, our non-socialist government, and are planning to leave again. If you don't want to be an American, don't come here. If you do, I will welcome you with open arms. If you want to become a citizen, and add to our society, then I'll try to help. If you don't, don't expect me to stand up for your right to be here illegally.

Back to the flags thing. I don't think banning the flag is the right action to take. It sends all the wrong kinds of messages to both sides, and is a denial of liberty. That said, I do think that students ought to be punished for any actions that disrupt what you are in school to do: learn. Any ideas for how they could have handled it better?
-The Quartermaster


  • Deport those who don't want to be Americans. They can go back to Mexico, or China, or any of the -istans. It's their choice, if that's what they want.

    By Blogger The Anti-Hippie, at 12:39 AM  

  • This principal was not thinking right. However, the law states a principal has the right to do whatever he feels is justified to keep control on his campus. I am a longitme educator and please don't think I am siding with this guy. I AM NOT!!! He made a stupid move! He could have come up with a better way to deal with this problem.

    You know he is going to feel heat about this one. People in the community are going to react to this. When they do, he will have more problems than he has now.

    I have posted my views on this topic on my blog "Texas Truth" at http://texastruth.blogspot.com. Stop by and leave your views on this topic and others.

    By Blogger Texas Truth, at 3:00 AM  

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