Oh, QM, what will we do with you? With your frequent updating, smart analyses, and witty descriptions of cockroaches. I fear you have dominated the blog and made it less of a triumvirate and more of a... univirate? No. Definitely not a word. In any case, the time is fast approaching where I will cast aside the bonds of AP classwork and plunge headfirst into the blogosphere and retain my rightful place by your side. Now to get a new image hoster (our free one, walagata, decided it didn't like not charging people, so that's why our banner is AWOL) and to light a fire under Ideaman's ass. Speaking of AP work, I have an overdue paper to write, but before I go....nah, I'm screwing with you, I have nothing to say at the moment. Oh Wait! I lied again, I do!

I recently attended a punk show, headlined by such bands as the Casualties, Anti-Flag, the Unseen, and a few others. The main event was Anti-Flag, the most mainstream of all the bands, and arguably the least talented. Not only do they lack any real musical talent (and the vocalist is unforgivably nasal) but they believe that in order to be a true punk rocker, one must flaunt your disdain for Evil Rethuglican Politics with such subtle and clever images as the one featured on their homepage. Not only THAT, but they also felt the need to tell us poor citizens how we can fight back, by having activists from Military Free Zone and some anti-uranium organization come and tell us how evil the military and uranium are. Oh joy. If I wanted to hear your drivel, I would go to a protest, or I would read your website. I did not come to a punk concert to hear it, I came to a punk concert to crash into people and jump around. The last thing I want is for some unwashed, overweight, poorly-dressed, ignorant goombah to come and tell me how the EEEEvil military can *GASP* send a recruiter to talk to me if I got to a public school. Oh, the horror! Please. Go sell your shit somewhere I didn't pay money to get into. The only real disadvantage to being part of the punk scene is that the majority of punks have the political sense of fetal pigs. No disrespect to the little unborn oinkers. Anyway, enough for. Back to work. Damn.

-The Talent


  • Personally, I tend to like the Goth rock scene better. They're too busy cutting and whining to worry about politics. :P

    By Blogger The Anti-Hippie, at 12:19 AM  

  • Oh, you give me hope!

    By Blogger Heather, at 7:48 AM  

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