Why write my paper for (Revised) Western Civilization when I have better things to do, like shop for shoes online, and explore the feminist blogosphere. I have to say, I enjoy reading things I disagree with as much, if not more, than I like reading things I agree with. Maybe it's because I enjoy self-inflicted pain (and some of these are truly painful). I like to think it's because I enjoy the intellectual exercise of figuring out what the opposition is saying, in order to better argue my own view when confronted. In any case, it's far more entertaining than reading Rousseau for about the hundreth time, in order to better accuse him of helping out fascism, which is the general gist of my paper. Anyway, one thing that keeps popping up is the whole "reproductive rights for men thing which I blogged about below. Unsurprisingly, the feminist veiwpoint tends towards "when are those damn men going to stop whining? They already control the rest of the world with that patriarchy thing they have going on!"
I have been waiting for a case like this to happen for a while, and it amuses me to no end to watch them take one of the following stances:
If they don't want that responsibility, they should stop having sex/keep it in their pants/use a condom/get a vasectomy.
Men already have plenty of choices, why can't they just accept responsibility?
Women are the ones who have to go through pregnancy, so men can just shut up.

The first and second statements are the ones that I have been using forever as reasons why abortion should be illegal. It's not like abortion is the only decision made: both women and men have a whole slew of choices. How about "I am sexually active, so I use two forms of birth control to be safe"? Better yet, "I choose not to get into bed with that frat boy." If you are not in a position in life where you can afford to get pregnant, you should not be having sex (especially unprotected sex). And while I hardly advocate teenagers engaging in any kind of serious premarital sexual encounter with the boyfriend/girlfriend of the moment, there are plenty of fun things you could do that do not include actual intercourse.
The fact is, sex makes babies. That is the primary biological function. The "it's really fun part" is designed to make us more likely to continue the propagation of the species. Therefore, having sex and not preparing for the consequences is like jousting with Mother Nature. You are going to lose. And let's face it, the third statement is just silly. I could understand the concern if women were still dropping like flies in childbirth, but with the wonders of modern medicine, the chances that you are actually risking your life by carrying a child to term and giving birth are very slim. That said, pro-lifers do have a responsibility to help ensure that our society is supportive of young women who make that choice, and go through the pain of pregnancy. Hence the mission of Feminists for Life, one of my new favorite organizations.
Ok, that's it. I get bored enough, I might even end up talking about my personal life here, and believe me, no one wants that, so let's hope my academic writer's block is gone by morning.
-The Quartermaster


  • It's nice to know that there are good feminists out there. Not just man-hating ... feminazis. And yes, having sex does indeed make babies. If you aren't ready for a child, don't have sex. That pretty much covers it.

    You make good points; you oughtta post more often! ;D

    By Blogger The Anti-Hippie, at 12:36 AM  

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