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I would just like to say that I have found myself a conservative idiot. That's right folks, I don't just pick on liberals, I am an equal opportunity slammer of idiocy. David Yeagley, writer for Front Page Magazine, is my idiot of the day. I will quote some of what he said here, but you should really read the whole article.
"It’s racism at Duke, all right. Racism against white students. Members of the Duke University Lacrosse team may have abused a black party girl, but, without any proof or trial, the Duke Lacrosse team was punished by the university, suspended from further games. So terrified was the administration of being charged with “racism.” The black female wins again. She is truly an ace on the field and in court."
Let's take this time to make it truly clear: this is not about race, this is about rape. I think some of the feminist lobby have been making the mistake of focusing on the fact that a black woman was raped by white men. I honestly don't care that much about the race of any of the parties involved, the crime is just as horrible. If it is proven in a court of law that they did it, they should be punished accordingly.
"So, that black woman said, “No,” eh? First, she’s in a profession where she’s expected to do tricks for clients. Second, she’s walking into a house full of young, drunken athletes, who happen to be white. Third, she called the police and complained once; then she went back, but then left. And then she went back again! That’s a peculiar way of saying “No,” it seems to me. These racist black people just want a role model victim, with mistreatment wreaked upon the weakest of the weak: the black woman. All she has to do is cry, “rape by white male!” and she rules the world."
In case anyone was wondering, it doesn't matter if she is a stripper, or a nun, or a prostitute or a virgin; rape is always a crime. It seems like what David is trying to say here is that she deserved to be raped because she made a mistake, or had bad judgement. Does that mean that if I went walking around my campus late at night, and I got raped, it would be ok, because I wasn't making smart decisions? He also makes it sound like reporting being raped is an easy thing women do to get back at men they don't like. The fact is, most rapes go unreported because women are afraid to report them, or feel ashamed.
I am a strong believer in personal responsibility, which means two things in this case. First, while I would have a moral problem with being an exotic dancer, I'm mostly just glad that she has a job and is trying to put herself through school. That shows an admirable amount of personal responsibility. Second, I hope that if she was raped, the men who did it are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And I am a strong believer in harsher penalties for sex crimes like rape. The minimum prison sentences we have are not nearly good enough, and ought to be raised.
So, David, you have the honor of being my first conservative idiot of the day, for making the rest of us look like assholes. Thanks a lot buddy.
-The Quartermaster


  • I TOTALLY AGREE with you.

    Rape is rape, and it does not matter what race, profession, or anything else for that matter...as an excuse.

    She also has children and like you said is working as well as going to school. Well, heck even if she wasn't it still does not matter.

    I hope like you said aside from the ones that DID rape her, the others are held accountable and punished accordingly. I have been keeping up with this case too....It truly makes me so mad how the defense is trying to shame the victim. They even dug up a past problem she had w/the police. Low life defense....to victimize her more. This kind of thing is WHY so many WOMEN do not report these awful crimes.

    I hope they nail these guys to the wall. I just hope the DNA will reveal more info....to go along with all the overwhelming evidence they already have.

    By Blogger Assorted Babble by Suzie, at 8:38 PM  

  • Didn't you see that he put the word "mother" in quotation marks? According to that hypocritical, misogynist creep a woman like that can't be a proper mother.

    If that man is a "conservative", I am Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. He is just a creep who has jumped on the conservative bandwagon to get attention and find a niche for his sick, obsessive racism and raving misogyny. And this comes from a anti-feminist and confessing racist.

    He has double crossed each and every conservative value and less backbone than a bowl of Jello.
    Master of Selective Disrespect or "Mephistopheles Decaf"

    I am not American and can't be bothered all that much with your internal affairs, but I have a hunch Horowitz would let an Orang Utan post at FrontPage as long as the ape will promise some ammunition for his war against academia.

    By Blogger The_Editrix, at 4:01 PM  

  • The Quartermaster has is right that rape is a terrible crime and should be punished severely- once it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The accuseds are just that, and innocent until proven guilty. Of course, OJ proved you be innocent and proven guilty, but that's ancient history now.
    Since the original post, there have been a lot of stories (not yet facts in court) that at a minimum make the facts unclear. Although I didn't like the sneering tone of the conservative idiot who wrote the offending post, I think the Quartermaster misread it when speculating about what would happen if she was raped while walking across campus at night. First, her father and brothers would kill the man, so there would be no need for any formalities. If the accused was spared immediate justice, though, the quartermaster's walking late at night would have no impact on her veracity, and so would not be part of defense strategy.
    Although beyond the realm of possibility when speaking of the Quartermaster, if the victim had a prior history of a false report to the police, or was walking across campus in the alleged assailant's company after having provided the assailant (and his friends) with "adult" entertainment, it is not inconceivable that the accused's defense of consent (assuming physical corroboration of the crime) or denial (it didn't happen) is true. The accuser is not victimized by investigation, presentation of evidence or tough cross examination challenging her credibility. (Whether reporting of all kinds of unsourced rumors by the media is victimizing is another discussion.) The accused has a constitutional right to confront the accuser.
    The late '70's saw a tide of laws that made the victim's prior sexual history irrelevant. A woman can (legally) choose to have sex as often and with as many partners as she chooses. That does not make her accusation of rape any less reliable. Neither, though, should the legal protection of these statutes morph into a cultural assumption that a woman accuser is inherently more reliable when making a rape accusation. The presumption of innocence and the right to confront the accuser are constitutional guarantees that until a verdict is reached, we don't know.

    By Anonymous OppressivePatriarch, at 3:52 PM  

  • Forget David Yeaglet! BALD BEAGLE is the first American Indian lapdog for American Indian Patriotism, and the only warrior of conservative American Indian philosophy. A pedigreed pup of the highest unmixed lineage (AKC and CDIB registered) and the direct offspring of a full-blooded American Indian warrior, BALD BEAGLE irrefutably puts the “man” in “Comanche.”

    By Anonymous Bald Beagle, at 5:31 PM  

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