Freakin bugs

These were not in the brochure. When I thought 'hey, Charleston sounds like a pretty sweet place to live', no one warned me about the roaches. Huge, disgusting, crawl over your feet while you are trying to blog and scare the crap out of you roaches. I now have roach traps in the corners and a defensive perimeter of Raid around my baseboards. Of course, while I freaked out, my roomie from Alabama just laughed at me. Apparently, if you're from the South, you're pretty much used to them. Yeah right. I declare room 313 a roach-free, zero tolerance zone; anything with more than two legs gets a phone book dropped on it, no questions asked.
-The Quartermaster


  • Yeah, your roomie's crazy, she throws roaches on her teachers, so watch out. Just a warning.

    By Anonymous Roomie's Brother, at 5:57 PM  

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