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Yet another reason not to own a snake. Just get a donkey instead, they're much better than wives.
In other news, the state of Massachusetts legislature has approved a bill which will require all residents to purchase a health insurance policy, or face fines. While I like the fact that this does require people to take some personal responsibility and buy health insurance instead of simply not being able to pay and having the entire burden shifted to taxpayers, and I prefer this to the idea that the government will provide universal health care, it still seems like a slippery slope to be on. First, the government will provide subsidies to help people buy health insurance, it seems like this is the kind of policy that will lead into a socialist style healthcare system. That said, my sense of social responsibility recognizes that something does need to be done to insure that the less fortunate can get access to a baseline level of necessary health care. This seems like an issue that I am going to need to do some more research on before I can really form an opinion. Which ties in perfectly with my desire to put off any other kind of school related work.

And once again, Kim Gandy pisses me off, in an editorial she wrote for USA Today on why single sex education is a bad idea, and manages to completely miss the point. Gandy says that separation of the sexes is based on the idea that because men and women are different, boys and girls should be educated differently, and proceeds to point out that "the degree of overlap in girls' and boys' math skills was computed at between 98% and 99%, while in verbal skills the overlap was 96%."
Kim, no one is saying that their skills are different (and if they are, I'd like to take this moment to beat them over the head with my SAT scores), but research has consistently shown that learning styles tend to differ greatly along gender lines, a problem which single-sex education addresses. I am the product of all-girls high school education in a private school setting, and one factor that Ms. Gandy fails to address is the fact that when hormones are raging practically out of control, there is something to be said for separating the two sexes so that they can concentrate more easily on what they are in high school to do. I'm not saying that single-sex ed is the answer to the teen sex problem, but it does help keep the focus where it ought to be.
Ok, that's it for now. Back to my increasingly boring paper. Maybe later I'll blog on why college kids (and I include myself here) are mostly idiots.
-The Quartermaster


  • As to why most college kids are idiots... Is it the beer pong?

    By Blogger The Anti-Hippie, at 11:34 PM  

  • could i also say its nice to go into school looking like crap and not worry that your ex boyfriend and your new crush will see you in that state. saves a good 15 minutes each morning for more sleep.

    By Blogger Ellen K, at 8:46 PM  

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