Idiot of the Day

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi brings us our latest bit of idiocy. In a discussion of the 2006 elections, she gives us this piece of wisdom:
"Women cannot achieve gender equality unless we have equal representation as decision- and policy-makers.''
According to this logic, people are somehow incapable of pursuing any interests but their own, and those interests don't cross gender lines. Following this to its natural conclusion, we should each elect only people with whom we share similar physical characteristics; I'm a nineteen year-old white female, so I shouldn't vote for an older black man, or my interests won't be taken care of. Men can't understand what women need, Latino would never be able to represent a white guy, and an older politician can't properly look after the interests of a college kid like me.
Yeah, whatever you say , Nancy. This is the same non-logic that leads colleges to decide that if there aren't enough different skin colors or an even gender distribution among the faculty and student bodies, they need to put into place expensive diversity intitiatives which then proceed to hand out diversity scholarships to underqualified students so that their numbers look better.
What does it say about our society that we still see the need to fill racial and gender quotas to the exclusion of more important qualities? Does it not enter Nancy Pelosi's mind that there are more important considerations in representation than demographics? Why should I want to elect a liberal woman running with a pro-choice quasi-socialist agenda if I am an avid pro-lifer who believes in severely limited government? Is she going to represent my interests better because she and I both have two X-chromosomes? Somehow, I doubt it. Similarly, does having more professors of different races actually lead to diversity, or should we be more interested in intellectual diversity, which doesn't come from skin color? This is the kind of thinking that propagates racism and sexism in our culture; simply by placing a normative value on race and gender, and saying that we can only be represented properly by people who share certain characteristics, we are reverting to a racist or sexist attitude.
Furthermore, if her statement is true, how does Pelosi account for the huge gains in rights and opportunities for women and racial minorities during all these years of white male control in Congress? Is it possible that all these white men aren't just looking out for other white men? Could it be that an elected official is going to try to please most of his/her constituency to win re-election, and will act accordingly? Never mind that there is no strictly female agenda; women are pretty equally divided along party lines, support different sides of different issues, and come from different moral and economic backgrounds; in Nancy Pelosi's limited view of the world, women are the only ones who can take care of other women.
Congratulations, Nancy, I knew you'd make it someday, and here you are, my latest Idiot of the Day.
-The Quartermaster


  • To quote the Hatta, of www.illwillpress.com,
    "Everybody's a racist... 'Cept me o' course, 'cause I'm black."

    By Blogger The Anti-Hippie, at 6:50 PM  

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