And you thought I'd just abandoned you

Sorry that it took me so long to put up another post. I'm on spring break, so my overall productivity has dropped to dismal levels. I sleep instead of reading the newspaper and watch bad tv instead of writing. It's really sad. Two brief comments for today.
First, bravo to the Virginia assembly for trying to find a way to cut textbook costs. Now VA public universities must come up with guidelines to encourage professors and bookstores to lower costs, ie using the old edition instead of always switching to the new one (because as any college student knows, the difference between them is usually completely insignificant). My first semester, I spent $300 on books, and that was because I managed to buy most of them used. I have friends who are math and science majors who spend more than $500 on books each semester. One of my professors actually told us that when selecting textbooks, they professors usually have no idea how much each book costs; they are sent samples, and pick the one they like best, without realizing that the one they like costs $100. So, let's hope that more states pick up on this.
Also, today is International Women's Day. On the front page of the Washington Post, they have three pictures: the first shows demonstrators in India demanding labor representation and legal protection for women involved in the sex trade. The secong is a young woman lighting a candle in the streets of Spain for women killed in domestic violence. The third is a peace march here at home in Washington DC calling for an end to the war in Iraq (A NOW sign prominently placed in the middle of the shot). So, what exactly does an end to the war have to do with women? That sounds like more of a liberal political issue than a strictly International Women's Day issue. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought one of the (intended) results of the war is more freedom for women? Besides, there are a lot of international women's issues that need attention, like domestic violence, the sex trade, female genital mutilation, and the list goes on. But of course, as with all things sponsored/supported by NOW, the agenda has to advance the liberal agenda, or it isn't really worth mentioning.
That's all I've got for now, hopefully I'll be back with some Triumvirate-brand wisdom on illegal immigration later. But don't hold your breath; I'm on spring break here.
-The Quartermaster


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