Please, Not NOW

So last night I attended the first meeting of my college's chapter of NOW(National Organization of Wackos), which is officially replacing the Womyn's Forum. Normally, I'd say anything that misspelled women has got to be the worst organization out there, but as that club was inactive, this is hardly an improvement. I went to the meeting for the sole purpose of gathering material for a possible newspaper editorial, but I was almost worried that it would turn out to be totally benign, and not give me anything to pick at. I shouldn't have worried.
I'm gonna keep this short, because I am writing that editorial, which I will post up here when I am done, but I just wanted to say this: NOW is the worst thing that can happen to feminism. It embodies all that is wrong with the movement, a constant witness to why young women shy away from the label 'feminist'. I am a feminist; I say it proudly. I want a great education, I want a meaningful career, I want to change as much of the world as my efforts will extend to. But I am also pro-life. According to the NOW doctrine, this stance alone is enough to make me not a feminist. Should I dare to say that I like George Bush, that I approved enthusiastically his nomination of Samuel Alito, that I want those "cruel" budget cuts, I would probably be crucified in a fit of righteous indignation, and have my head placed on a pike outside the Women's and Gender Studies building.
Modern feminism embraces a radical liberal ideology that it dogmatically preaches to any woman willing to listen (and those who aren't as well). When did feminism come to equal pro-abortion? When did it become a celebration of Eve Ensler and her man-hating venom? When did it become so hostile to anyone who dares say "well, gee, grrls, maybe we could make some room for everyone?"
What frustrates me so much is that there are plenty of smart, well-educated, enthusiastic young women who could acheive a great deal if they would only look around them and realize that injustice doesn't exist solely in the protests outside abortion clinics and the people Marching for Life every January. There are terrible things being done to women in this world; why are we sitting around talking about "reproductive rights" when we could actually be making some kind of valuable difference?
-The Quartermaster


  • May I ask where in the campus chapter of NOW there is any mention of reproductive rights or anything slightly resembling the abortion debate?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:23 AM  

  • Campus "charter" of NOW, that should say...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:24 AM  

  • It isn't it the charter, I never claimed that is was. What I said was that a great deal meeting seemed to revolve around that so-called "right"

    By Blogger The Triumvirate, at 3:51 PM  

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