Ok, now I'm depressed

I went to the college bookstore today to mail something to my long-distance boyfriend, and while I was waiting for a tracking number, I hung out over by the Valentine's day display in the middle of the store. There I was, amidst teddy bears wearing College of Charleston t-shirts, assorted other fuzzy animals similarly attired, surrounded by boxes of prettily wrapped chocolate, when I started checking out the books on the display. We had The Simple Truth About Love, 2002 Ways to be Romantic, The Five Love Languages, and the classic romantic favorite, How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America, by Cristina Page of NARAL-Pro-Choice America.

My first reaction was "huh?" That was also my secong reaction, and my third. I mean, WTF? I grant you, the cover was a lovely shade of pink, so it could have been added just to keep with the color scheme. But WTF?

I shouldn't really be surprised. This is the natural conclusion of the femi-nazi takeover of American culture. First, Valentine's day becomes a holiday about sex. Then, because all male-female relationships are inherently abusive, it becomes V-Day. So now we spend Valentine's Day moping about oppression and how mean men are (with a little help from our good friend Eve Ensler). Since feminism naturally moves towards abortion, this is the next step.
Anyway, the book looked infuriating. The basic premise, which I gleaned from reading the cover and the first ten pages (which was all I could take before I reached boiling point), seems to be that the pro-life movement is anti-woman, anti-child, anti-family, anti-fun, anti-cute little puppy dogs, etc. The basic goal of all pro-life lobbying is to see women barefoot and constantly pregnant in trailer homes (because they can't live in anything better while they only make 75 cents to the dollar), or bleeding to death in alleys or parlors, or closets, or wherever they could find a coathanger. Because we all now that pre-Roe, a woman couldn't walk down a back alley without finding some dirty-knife wielding maniac ready to cut her open. Anyway, the author is clearly suffering from the same paranoid delusions that plague most serious abortion advocates.

On the book jacket, one of the instances that demonstrates the tragic fate that right-wing religious extremists wish to inflict on all women, a teenage girl got pregnant, and being misinformed of her rights by a crisis pregnancy center, had her boyfriend hit her in the stomach with a baseball bat. Take a moment to note the vagueness of that statement. I'd like to know exactly what the center told her. There are several parties to blame, none of which is the pro-life movement. First, the girl herself. You don't just spontaneously become pregnant; there are choices made leading up to it, and a great deal of irresponsibility takes place first. And what complete lack of any kind of logic, forethought, responsibility it must take to tell your boyfriend to hit you with a baseball bat. She is not an innocent victim here; she contributed a great deal to a tragic situation. Second, what kind of boyfriend hits his girlfriend with a baseball bat to abort their child? The proper role of the impregnator is to offer support, not a heavy object to the stomach. What about her parents? What were they doing wrong in raising this girl, to let her date and sleep with this guy, and not do something to help and support her. Unless they didn't know she was pregnant, in which case that's another tragedy that the religious-right is not responsible for. Finally, we live in a culture of death that simply accepts that it is acceptable to abort a child. You'd have to be completely lacking in logic if you think that this cultural acceptance has nothing to do with the fact that abortion is acceptable in mainstream culture.

I need to stop now, because this really makes me incredibly angry, and I have better things to do with my time than stew in my own rage. That said, I should read the book at some point, if only to take it apart piece by piece. But I also would never want to support the author or her movement in any way, so I can't buy it. Not that I have money to spend on books I want to read, let alone books I disagree with on such a deep moral level.
-The Quartermaster


  • There are still good people out there, regardless of how many frakking imbeciles we manage to accumulate. And, God willing, abortion will become quite illegal in the near future.

    By Blogger The Anti-Hippie, at 12:41 PM  

  • I really truly hope so. At the very least, there ought to be severe limitations. There should be an "undue burden" on a woman trying to abort her child. It shouldn't be as easy as it is. I mean, underage girls can't get their ears pierced without parental consent,how is it asking too much to require the same from a girl seeking an abortion.

    By Blogger The Triumvirate, at 1:10 PM  

  • Quartermaster:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I'm with you, what in the world was that book doing in the "Love" or Valentine's Day section?

    Totally with you on all your sentiments in this post. South Dakota just passed a ban on abortions in their House of Representatives so we shall see.

    By Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox, at 1:34 PM  

  • "Feminism naturally moves towards abotion" -- I'm sorry? Your logic escapes me. There is no "pro-abortion" movement; only a pro CHOICE movement ensuring reproductive choice is extended to women.

    The V-DAY campaign is actually solely about domestic abuse awareness and at good 'ole CofC is being done this week, the week of February 20 -- and not aligning in anyway with Valentine's Day.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:18 AM  

  • Hello Anonymous - Here is some simple logic - the best kind. In any society in which the life of an infant is considered disposable, so is his mother, and so are women. I have dedicated many years to advocacy for victims of both rape and domestic abuse, and am a counselor to teen and young adult women (among many clients). I think the Quartermaster has good reason to be depressed. Despite enormous economic and political gains, American women and children have never been more vulnerable or able to be exploited, and simply for the purpose of cheap and degrading sexual encounters and pornographic manipulation. Liberal women feminists DO NOT know feminist history and understand its greatest achievements. Roe V. Wade is not one of them. Susan B. Anthony's memory is demeaned by modern liberal feminism.

    By Anonymous Mad Hatter, at 3:13 PM  

  • Awareness means that you are publicozong a problem. This is not a bad thing, I'm just saying that it is a distorted view of the world to usurp Valentine's Day to raise awareness for domestic abuse. And even though CofC is not doing it on Valentine's day, Eve Ensler declared that Valentine's Day should be V-Day "until the violence stops".

    By Blogger The Triumvirate, at 3:54 PM  

  • That word should be publicizing

    By Blogger The Triumvirate, at 1:15 PM  

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