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A friend of mine goes to a Catholic (I use the term loosely) university, and today, she related this story to me. A girl who lives across the hall from her announced that she has what is known as a "hook-up date" with a kid from the school's baseball team, who has announced that his intention in the matter is to "bang her back off". She went around the dorm telling people that she needed alcohol before he got there. Everyone but my friend thinks that the situation is either cool, or hilarious. She, being Catholic in the sense where she actually follows the moral code of the Catholic Church, is appalled and outraged.
Premarital sex with someone you love and respect is one thing; casual sexual encounters (an oxymoron) are another thing entirely. Furthermore, what could possibly motivate you to have sex with someone you need to be drunk to sleep with? I can understand (though not respect) getting so drunk that you are unable to say no and end up in bed with a stranger. I can't fathom the idea of consenting to have sex with someone that you need to be drunk to be with. And the reaction of her friends is to laugh?
This is dangerous behavior, both physically and emotionally, and the fact that the people who are supposed to care about her think it is no big deal is really very scary. There are times when I really fear for my generation, and this is one of them. There are also times when I really get pissed off at our parents generation for allowing this kind of thing to become so commonplace and such a huge part of our campus culture. How exactly did her parents raise her? And how did the boy's parents raise him? And what about all the friends who are willing to go aong with it? At what point are my peers going to realize how destructive this kind of behavior is? The fact that this is happening at a Catholic school makes me even sadder, because if there is one place you should be able to go to escape from the blatant immorality of our culture, it's a religious school. But at this point, they have mostly just become drinking and party schools. It's a real tragedy, in my own opinion.
-The Quartermaster


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