Idiocy, Actually

One of my absolute favorite movies is Love Actually. Both the opening and the ending of the movie have montages of affectionate moments, illustrating the central point of the movie; that love, actually, is all around us.
The same is true of idiocy, as anyone who has had the misfortune to take a course at any modern college knows (well, maybe not at Bob Jones University, but that's in a class of its own). Unfortunately, these constant displays of misinformation and bad rhetoric are not nearly as cute as the montages in the movie (though they are occasionally tear-inducing), and usually don't include British people with adorable accents. They are entertaining, though.
Today's cast of characters includes three of my favorite characters: Slutty Feminist, her "sister" Angry Feminist, and of course, Professor Indoctrinator.
Slutty Feminist is very, very excited because she auditioned for the Vagina Monologues and got chosen. For those who don't know, colleges across the country have benefit performances of this drivel as part of the V-Day campaign. This movement has the admirable goal of ending violence against women. Their idea of the best way to do this seems to be to hijack Valentines Day, traditionally a day to celebrate the best of relationships between men and women (and being a girly-girl at heart, I love the whole idea of celebrating romantic love), and turning it into a whine-fest of all the terrible things men have done to women. Huh. I'm all about stopping violence against women. I think it's tragic that in this country we have more shelters for animals than for battered women. But when extremist feminists get hold of issues, they inevitably turn a worthy goal into yet another reason to hate men and retreat into an "I'm so victimized" position. And if they still insist on doing this, could they at least pick their own damn day, instead of taking a day that should be a reminder of love in the world and turn it into a day of bitterness? Let's please preserve a little lightheartedness in the world.
In other news on the battlefront, Professor Indoctrinator began his campaign against critical thought today. In discussing the failure of the filibuster, he brought up Roe v. Wade, and how important it was, not just to protect abortion, but to protect all privacy. If Roe should be overturned, the government would be able to interfere in our sex lives all the time, domestic spying would become common practice, and the world as we know it would implode, so even if you have issues with abortion, you should support Roe. Ok, saying that Roe v. Wade is about privacy rather than abortion is like saying the Civil War was fought over states' rights. The civil war was fought over the state's right to own slaves. If there were no slavery, this would not have been an issue (though there are many who disagree with this historical interpretation). States' rights were the excuse: "we should be able to decide whether or not we commit a moral evil". Similarly, Roe v. Wade is about the right to privacy so that you can have an abortion. The logic is basically the same: it doesn't matter what moral objections there may be, we have a right because of (insert random "right" here).
Later in class, he briefly mentioned "trickle-down economics", at which point Angry Feminist broke in to expound upon how "totally stupid" the idea was. After all, it's not like rich people are gonna go spend their tax breaks at Target or Walmart, so how does it help poor people? (Her words, I swear.) Aside from the lack of anything even approaching logic in that argument, I would like to point out that I am not racking up student debt into the thousands so I can hear some random liberal nuisance declare her stance on economic policy, in a situation that was not even a class discussion or debate.
I should probably just give up and transfer to Bob Jones. But then I wouldn't have these fun people to rip into. I think letting out aggression in blog format might help me stop picking fights with people I actually like just for the fun of it, which I've heard can be damaging to interpersonal relatioships. Oops.
-The Quartermaster


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