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Yeah, so I've got to get over this "Don't worry updates coming soon!" thing, because I'm bad at it. I'll just update. No more promises, hah. Ok, so where'd I leave off? Harry Potter? Yes! I have a rant about certain aspects of the film version: CASTING.

So what's this whole buggaboo about having an all Brit cast, eh? There are some very fine British actors, of course (Love Actually is a prime example), however, the first thing that's important for a role is to pick someone who can actually PLAY THE PART. Second priority is that they resemble the character. Some of the casting in the movies is very good, ie, Alan Rickman. And the fellow who plays Prof. Lupin isn't bad either. However, I'm worried that J.K Rowling and Company are worried about them being British above all else, and then worrying about looks and talent. Daniel Raddcliffe is a good example. Sure, he's British, and he kind of resembles Harry. But he's not a good actor, to put it lightly. He's getting better, it's true. But I think many people would have preferred it if he was already decent to begin with. Then there's also cases of age. For example, Gary Oldman as Sirius Black. Gary Oldman is awesome, he's very good at really transforming himself INTO his character. However, he's pretty old. The character of Sirius is not that old, late thirties, early forties (Also, Sirius is supposed to have been very handsome)? Usually I'd let this slide. But it seems that Rowling & Co. have been sacrificing book accuracy for esteemed and/or British cast members. Let's face it, British accents are NOT that difficult to do. Really. With a little bit of effort, this movie could have had a perfect cast. You could walk through NYC and have the movie cast in less than a month. Especially because it seems that for some of the child actors, British accents are all they have going for them. Like that guy Rupert Grint, with the two facial expressions: "Huh?" & "EEK!". Particularly when you have someone like the girl who plays Ginny. She was cast for her hair color and accent, the fact that Ginny has to be hot later on is completely disregarded. This is why I think they should have waited until all the books were finished for a movie, so they would know exactly what kind of adaptations they would have to make. Because now it's like "Oops, need to change that, and that won't work anymore, because of that". It's silly.

-The Talent


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