IMAO! And "That's what I said!"

A big thank you to the amazing Frank J. of IMAO, for posting my portrait of him. Made my day. Thanks, Frank! But on to the news....

I do remember saying this quite some time ago, to someone. Or everyone.

"The shift is making the fight a focal point of the U.S. global war against
Islamic terrorists and one that might dictate whether the U.S. wins or
said a senior official and an outside expert."

I definitely remember saying aomething akin to this. The war in Iraq isn't just about stablizing the country for the Iraqis anymore, and it hasn't been for a while. That's part of it, yes. The thing is, that the terrorists know that if we fail here, then we won't be able to pursue the War on Terror in other countries. And because of that, they're putting all their effort into trying to beat us here.

"In the Muslim world and extremist world, this fight for Iraq is their key
battle," said Gen. McInerney. "If they lose it, they lose the war. And so the
imams are inciting young people, not particular well-educated, to head to Iraq.
Most are going through Syria via Damascus. This is why
Iraq is such a fundamental part of the global war on terrorism. When we finally
defeat Muslim extremists, it will be the battle in Iraq that defeats them."

*Points and waves arms around wildly* That's what I said! Which is why we CANNOT, CANNOT pull out now. It would be like running 2/3's of a marathon, and then turning around and walking home. It would mean that they had beaten us. We have GOT to keep going.

-The Talent


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