This martinez schiavo stuff

Now, I don't know too much about the whole Schiavo-memogate-conspiracy-whackjob-crap BUT, it does seem that if a Repub. screwed up, we need to admit it, dammit, not do the very thing that we often chide "the left" for being inconsistant and unwilling to own up to a mistake, we need to do the same. I think that's really true regarding something like this, that doesn't really seem to be that huge. I mean, politicians using an issue for political gain, good God, what next, reporters reporting things? (actually, that'd be nice) Anyway, to be really Machiavellian, have the dude responsible admit he screwed up, and have everyone else push a let's move on message and find a new issue fast. Like extremist Islamic terrorists. I think Iran still has a bunch. And if not, there's always Lil'Kim Jong Il.



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